If you are involved in a court case, you will discover that it is stressful, expensive, drawn out, time consuming and a drain on your resources.

Mediation is the key to an outcome which is much cheaper and more rewarding.

You will find the Mediation process empowering because it:

  • Allows you to explain your position to the other side
  • Enables both of you to understand each other’s position
  • Assists each of you to identify and focus on your real interest in resolving your dispute
  • Provides both of you with the opportunity to minimise the risks that always go hand in hand with a court case
  • Gives both of you the opportunity to work collaboratively to achieve a result which accommodates both interests

Mediation offers you and the other party to your dispute the opportunity take charge of it and resolve it yourselves. Such an outcome is an achievement which is far preferable to an exhausting court battle.

As your Mediator, I will work with you to facilitate this outcome.